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At InSite Design, we see landscape architecture as an essential tool for designing the social spaces people inhabit at all scales, from communities and neighborhoods to residential projects. 


We believe designing outdoor spaces for people is vital at the community level as it provides numerous benefits for residents. These spaces provide opportunities for social interaction, physical activity, and recreation, which are crucial for promoting health and wellbeing. Outdoor spaces also serve as gathering places for community events and celebrations, strengthening social bonds and promoting a sense of community. In addition, well-designed outdoor spaces can enhance property values, increase economic activity, and attract new residents and businesses to a community. In our design of socially inclusive spaces, we prioritize the needs and interests of the community, and ultimately strive to create livable and sustainable environments to enrich the lives of residents.


At the neighborhood level, we work to create outdoor spaces that complement the character and existing conditions of the surrounding area while incorporating the values and ethics of the client. We base our work off of factors including the natural environment, existing buildings, and progressive circulation to create spaces that are both functional and attractive. For instance, our portfolio includes neighborhood gathering spaces, walkable and bikeable planning, children-centric play spaces, and environmentally aesthetic design to create livable and sustainable environments. 

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